What a surprise...

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I know most of you don't give a damned sh*t about it, but I felt the need to talk about it. (Normally, I would have posted this on the "Someone Knows A Publisher" thread, but it looks like someone deleted the thread.)

After a four months wait, I finally received an answer from the last publisher I sent my manuscript to... and he refused it. What a surprise... :rolleyes:

Publishers from France/Québec don't seems to be interrested in WW II. I tried 5 or 6 French publishers and 2 publishers from Québec (the last one was "Les Éditions Québec-Amérique")... No one accepted.

Too bad I'm not good enough in English to write a whole novel in English. I would have greater chances of being accepted.

I don't see any solution. Publish it on my own ? It's gonna cost me an arm and a leg... What will I do if I don't sell a single one ? Bankruptcy ?

Create a website "mytruenamehere.com" and give my book(s) for free ? That's not a bad idea and a good way to become famous... But once again, that's expensive.

May be I'll "go back to my first love" and write a science-fiction novel. There is more science-fiction publishers in French than there is for WW II.

Honestly, I seriously doubt you'll ever read one of my books... Unless I write a science-fiction novel that is good enough to be published.
You could find yourself a decent French and English speaker, capable of translating it. I mean, you seem to be good at English. I'm sure you could give it a crack yourself. Then maybe send it to a native English speaker to iron it out.

I don't know, it's just an idea.
It's a good idea Plan_D... I will think about it. :-k

Well, they are not very specific on "why" they don't want to publish it. Most of the time, they say : "Your manuscript does not seems to fit in any of our existing collections." Or : "Unfortunately, your manuscript was not approved by our reading committee." And when you ask them to be more specific about wich points they didn't like, they simply answer : "We can't be more specific than what we told you in the letter."
I think that's probably the only way to go by the look of it, man. It's kinda sh*tty, but if it's constantly being refused by French publishers what else are you gonna do? Why not try what PD suggested: Translate it yourself and then hand it to someone who's a little more confident with English to tweak it up. It can't hurt, eh?
Even if you just translate it yourself, an editor should be able to help you clean it up. It's a tough nut to crack. Some guys do web publishing too. But I think translating it into English is a great idea. Don't give up hope.
I just remembered something...

Last year, I sent my manuscript to a publisher (France Europe Editions), a month later, I received a contract from them. The contract was very "attractive" but I didn't signed it. They would have paid me 25% of the sales of the first 1000 books then, my percentage would have dropped to 11% or 12% (can't remember exactly). The lone problem was that I had to pay 2560 Euros (4025$ CAN) in order to publish it. I contacted the lawer of the SNE (Syndicat National de l'Édition (France)) and she answered me that the author had absolutely nothing to pay and that the normal percentage that I should get is around 10%. So I tore up the contract.

A week later, I contacted the publisher "Éditions les 2 Encres" (in France) and they told me that they would be interrested to look at it. However, they clearly stated that they were requesting a little "financial help" from their authors. So I didn't sent them my manuscript. (I wanted to try elsewhere before.)

I asked them yesterday (by E-mail) how much (approximately) I would have to pay to be published. They answered that it depended on the size of the book and they didn't gave me any price. I think I'll try there before trying to translate it in English. If the "financial help" they request is under 500$, I think I'll take a risk and sign that damned contract.

What do you think ?


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It woud be wise to find some info about this publisher and get more details about laws and other stuff wich conserns to publishing (if you didn't do this yet).IMHO.
Yeah, his advice may be quite useful. I agree with evan. Just on the surface of it, it seems like a scam. If they need your money, how legit can they be?
Well, I would understand a small publisher who is just starting his business to ask for some financial help from their authors... As long as they request a reasonable amount of money.

What "France Europe Edition" requested was simply unbelievable... Espacialy for a publisher who claims to have published over 170 titles.

However, "Les 2 Encres" seems to be quite smaller (approximately 90 titles published). So I would understand to be asked to participate...

I've just E-mailed the lawer of the SNE to know if they know something about that publisher. Like if it was under investigation, if they got any pursuits in Court... We'll see what they'll answer.
I have no knowledge at all about this but - just keep at it. If JK Rowling can make millions off a series of books which are a thinly disguised rip-off of C.S Lewis, then yourself, with original and interesting ideas will eventually be sure to get properly recognised.
Hang on a sec...

This might be of no use but -

Published book - needs luck, and is expensive

Book on C.D - cheap and there's nothing to stop you.

Find someone with a good reading voice to read the entire book, record it on to C.D - copywrite it, and burn off lots of copies.

Get someone who's good at art to do a nice cover for the C.D and then sell the copies at airshows and military festivals.

Then at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that people are listening and enjoying your work whilst in the car, or having a beer at home or whatever.

As I said, maybe no use, but an idea I just had.
That's a good idea, Med... :-k

If my calculs are right, the Québec City Airshow will be next summer or in 2007. If I can't find a publisher, may be I'll do that.

I'm open to any idea, by the way.

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