What can be found about the B-17 "Murder Inc".

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From what I could remember, "Murder Inc." was a B-17 in the 8AF, possibly in the 100 BG. It was shot down and the Germans played major propaganda because if its name.

I believe "Murder Inc." was the name of an old movie about gangsters (some one correct me if they know more) but where the Nazi propaganda machine really got mileage on this is "Murder Inc." was also the enforcement wing of the mobster Lucky Luciano's Crime family headed by Bugsy Seigle, Albert Anastasia and Louis "Lepke" Buchalter. From what I could remember, the Nazis were trying to portray all Americans as corrupt gangsters.
I think there are pictures of the nose section of the plane being put on display in Germany after it was shot down. Also the crew's B-3 bomber jackets were also displayed as they had the name of the plane and completed missions painted on the back
I do remember once reading about that, but I can't remember the exact details. The airplane was shot down by the Germans, but if memory serves me correctly, they did not get the nose art on the airplane before it was shot down. They only had it on a couple of jackets. Let me dig through some books later, I know I saw it somewhere.

your B-17 photo is those of the 8th AF, 447th BG taken sometime after Jan 45. The fuselage stripes were green.
That story was great, evan. Amazing what German propaganda could do with one jacket.
if you remember the crewmans pic with Murder Inc on the back; well the photo was used to heighten the feeling of "kill the terrorflieger" propaganda used by Herr Goebel
I would really like to know if there is nose art of Murder Inc out there. Anyone?

Hello, I have looked extensively for nose art of "Murder Inc" and also for nose art of "Aristocrap" which was the plane the "Murder Inc" crew was flying on November 26, 1943 when they were shot down. I have been unable to find any pictures at all of either plane. My uncle was the pilot assigned to "Murder Inc". Here is a link to his story:


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