What do, or what did you do in the 'mob'?

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
A few folks here have mentioned in various threads what their specific jobs were in the military.
My primary job in the Navy is *ahem!* 'Naval Electronics Technician (Tactical)'. Quite a mouthful, ain't it? ;)
'Tactical Tech', for short. We do in fact work rather closely with, and often help out, the NET(Communications) and NET(Acoustic) fellas as well. We're just a big happy electronics family! :)

Not that I'm trying to recruit or anything (God forbid! :rolleyes: ), but here's a bit about what we do, for those who may not know.

The trade specs have changed a little bit since I first started. We used to start out as equipment operators, before moving on to our tech courses. That's no longer the case.

So tell us a bit about what you do, or what you used to do in the military. 8)
My job description was a novel. Wideband Communications/Base and Installation Security Specialist. In my last 2 years I was also a Ground Radio specialist! I thik they have changed that lengthy title since then though.
Aviation Machinist Mate - AD. I maintained and repaired aircraft engines and propellers, primarily on the P-3 Orion, but have worked on the C-130. I did this at the squadron level (VP-65, Point Mugu, CA).
I pretty much maintain my own UH-60L Blackhawk and work pretty much on the whole thing but I work order out a lot of the Engine and pretty much all of the Electrical stuff to other technicians.
Because I worked in aviation before my time in the Navy Reserves, I used to help out the airframe shop with sheet metal repairs. Some of the dumb-ass maintenance Chiefs could comprehend that most reservests weren't students or burger flippers and would actually get pissed if they seen me do something outside my rating.
When I do electrical work I have 2 sceneros - I get things to work or I "FIU." I hate soldering but would have to do it sometimes. Give me a wrench or a rivet gun anyday! :twisted:
Same here, I prefer the wrench turning. The whole maze of electrical wires just drives me insane and then when I troubleshoot a problem it always tells me checked found okay or could not duplicate. It makes me mad, espeically when I know there is a problem because I just flew it.
Soldering never bothered me much. I've burned lots of fingers (not all of them mine :evil4: ), but I'm actually pretty good at it. Wrenches and rivet guns are fine too though.

And yeah Adler, those ghost faults can be a pain in the ass sometimes. :rolleyes:
So, you're all electrical or a technician of some kind? Except you, Adler...
When I got out of the Air Force, I worked in a depot facility for computers. I did it for many years, but surface mount technology and micro-miniaturization forced me into networks, which is what I do now. Sometimes I miss using a scope to trace the fault and replacing the semiconductors. I don't miss getting burned by the iron or splattering solder flux though!

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