What does your 1944 airforce look like?

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Sep 19, 2005
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Escort carrier fighter: FM-2
Escort/normal carrier bomber: Dautless SBD-3
Carrier fighter: Corsair
Escort Fighter: P38J
Fighter-bomber: P40N / P63 Kingcobra
Fighter-Interceptor: P47M/N
Medium Bomber: JU-188E-1
Heavy Bomber: B17G
Gunship: B25H, A20
Escort Fighter: P51D
Fighter Bomber: P47D
Fighter Interceptor: P38L
Recon: F5
Heavy Bomber: B17G
Medium Bomber: B26C
Light Bomber: Mosquito
Transport: C47

Shipboard Fighter: F6F
Shipboard Bomber: SBD
Shipboard Torpedo Bomber: Avenger
Maritime Patrol: PBY
Fighter: P38L
Figher Bomber: F4U
Heavy Bomber: B24J
Recon: F5
Medium Bomber: B25H
Light Bomber: A20
Transport: C47

I dont know about which nightfighter yet. Mosquito? P61? He219?
Fighter Interceptor: Spitfire MKXIV/FW190D-9
Escort Fighter: P-51D
Fighter Bomber: P-47/Typhoon
Heavy Bomber: Lancaster (Night)/B-17G (Day)
Medium Bomber: B-26
Light Bomber: Mosquito
Night Fighter: Mosquito/JU-88G
ASW/Maritime Patrol: Sunderland/B-24
Strike Bomber: A-26/Beaufighter
Recon: F5/PR Spitfire
Transport: C-47

Carrier Fighter: F6F/Seafire
Carrier Bomber: SBD
Carrier Torpedo: TBF
Fighter Bomber: F4U
Fighter Interceptor: P-38
Escort Fighter: P-38/P-47
Heavy Bomber: B-24
Medium Bomber: B-25
Light Bomber: A-20
Strike Bomber: A-26/Beaufighter
ASW/Maritime Patrol: PBY
Recon: F-5
Transport: C-47
courier: Fi-167
transport: Ar-232
recon: Ar-234 B
light bomber: Tu-2S
medium bomber: none (take more Tu-2)
Heavy bomber: Lancaster III
nightfighter: Ju-388J or Mosquito
patrol: PBY-Catalina
attack/tank buster: Hs-129 (modified)
escort fighter: P-51D
air superiority fighter: Fw-190D9
interceptor: Me-262A
anti ship: Beaufighter

I would also like to enforce the C-2W program for a good SAM
My airforce for the year of 1944 looks pretty much like the Luftwaffe of said period.

Fighters: Bf 109 G-5,-6,-14/AS (early-mid 1944), Bf 109 G-10 (late) Fw 190 A-7,-8 (and the A-8/R8 model for the Sturm tactic).

Bombers: Zero (perhaps Heinkel He177s to raid soviet union distant places)

Recon: Arado Ar 234

Night-fighter: Ju 88 G-10

Transport: I´d take the C-47

Now, I would of course move ahead and make some significant modifications:

(i) I would have virtually all bomber production cancelled even before 1944 commences.

Perhaps I would just leave He 177 units to make long range bombing raids against the USSR.

In 1944, the Germans still produced a few thousands of bombers. I´d use both the material and human resources to produce fighters, fighters, and to improve the jets...and last but not least, the number of pilots that could have gone straight into fighter training units during 1944 was very high.

Let´s also revamp the production scheme for non-combat aircraft: transports especially. Let´s also cancel all recon aircraft: I will use the Ar 234 for extremely high altitude recon missions.

(ii) With the sole expcetion of maintaining the necessary production of twin engined fighters (Ju 88 G-10 only, I would go standard, this would help optimizing my resources) to beef up the nachtjäger force, I would cancel the production of Me 410 and the Bf 110.

Although a capable machine, I see no sense in sending Me 410s against the allies in 1944.

Eeach Hornisse lost meant two guys lost.

Rough 1,300 Me 410s were produced. 2,600 engines and 2,600 pilots in 1944? No, thank you.

I´d rather have 2,600 single engined toys, and the 2,600 men that would go to fly the Me 410 manning 109s, 190s and jets.

(iii) With said first and second steps implemented, I´d do the following:

By mid 1944 my Luftwaffe sends a formation of 150 Fw 190 A-8/R8 Sturmböck with a top cover of no less than 250 Bf 109 G-6/AS or G-14/AS to deal with the massive USAAF formation of the day.

Not that modified Fw 190 for the sturm procedure could not tangle with the P-51s in a one vs one match, I´d just send a massive swarm of those beautiful 109s with the modified DB 605 tool (DB 605 AM, DB 605 ASM) to make their lives just a bit bitter and rougher.

I´d send such formation at least two times a week.
Assuming losses could be high in some battles against the boxes of B-17s, B-24s and the escorting swarms of P51s, P-47s or P-38s, the advantage of the new scheme is that I am not having pilots and airmen to serve in the Me 410s and the bombers. The bulk of my pilots are single engine fighters.

The losses inflicted to both heavy bombers and escorts on each mission with this numbers would more than enough to have the gentlemen in the high command of the USAAF asking themselves whether if they can continue waging the war in view of such losses

(iv) With the increase of single engine fighters and pilots in view of the new scheme -no bombers, no twin engined fighters of ZG 26 ZG 76- we can also provide the Wehrmacht with the proper air support for some important operations. This means, I will not have about the entire jagdwaffe in Reichsverteidigung.

I agree it was important to protect the population against the terrorist actions of the allies, but so was the Wehrmacht.

Close to the ground, I am convinced the Luftwaffe, in numbers, will keep the upper hand against anything the allies might sent.

(v) Gradually begin phasing out the 109, perhaps right after the launching of the G-10. It was not necessary to move to the next step: the excellent 109 K-4.

My aim would be to commence 1945 only with Ta152s or Fw 190 Ds, and the jets.
i prefer axis aircraft

Interceptor: Me262
Fighter: Ki-84 Hayate, G55
Carrier/Escort Fighter: N1K2-J Shiden-KAI
Night Fighter: He219/Me262B NF model
Ground Support/Anti-Ship(torpedo): Fw190F
Medium Bomber: Peggy (Ki-67)
Bomber: Ju-290, G8N Renzan
Maritime Recon: Ju-290
ASW: H8K Emily, i feel safer in a flying porcupine of 20mm shells than .303
Transoprt: Ar232
Recon: Ar234

no allied aircraft in my arsenal

Interceptor; P38
Nightfighter; Mossie
Recce; Mossie
Ground Atack; P38
Precision Strike; Mossie
Medium Bomber; Mossie
Heavy Bomber; Lancaster
Maritime Recon/AS warfare; Lancaster
Maritime Strike Mossie/P38
Transport C46

Boring maybe but with all the money and resources saved in concentrating on two types of aircraft I would probably outnumber most other choices.
Interceptor - P-38L
Fighter - G.56
Nightfighter - Ta-154
Recce - F-5B
Maritime patrol - RS.14
Maritime Strike - G.55S
Ground Attack - Re.2005
Heavy Bomber - P.108M
Transport - SM.82
using Gnomey's roles for planes........

Fighter Interceptor: Spitfire MK.XIV
Escort Fighter: P-51D or Tempest
Fighter Bomber: P-47
Heavy Bomber: Lancaster
Medium Bomber: not too sure
Light Bomber: Mosquito
Night Fighter: Mosquito Mk.XXX
ASW/Maritime Patrol: Sunderland
Strike fighter: Beaufighter
Recon: Spitfire PR.XIX
Transport: Avro York
Why would you use the Spitfire for the recon role? The F5 was just as fast, had a larger camera bay and could fly a lot further.

I dont know about using the Avro York for the transport role.

The Sunderland is a good choice though.
Storch High Altitude Fighter With Schrage Musik Russian Cannon

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I'd just have the RAF of 1944, but with the B-29 for daylight bombing.

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