What if WWII never had happened?

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Aug 21, 2006
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Where would we stand today as a matter of technology in the air, ground and sea? Would it had been much of a difference? What about Europe and it borders etc. etc?
We'd only just be sending people to the moon I would think, simply because the rivalry between Soviet bloc and the US wouldn't be there.
Technology, medicine etc would be far behind what it is now. hundreds of years of fighting in Italy produced Leonardo, Michaelangelo et al. Hundreds of years of peace in Switzerland produced..........

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Sorry if I offended you, it was a bad example
A better one would be penicillin timelinescience - penicillin (Florey and Chain) - resources
If Ernst Chain hadn't come to Britian because he was a Nazi, he might mot have rediscovered Fleming's papers, if a war wasn't going on then there might not have been the industrial processes set up to produce it in large enough quantities.
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Do you mean no World War 2 as in 'no war against Nazi Germany' or no war as in 'no war full stop'. If it is the former, I'd say we would've gone to war with Soviet Russia, which would have entailed just as much destruction. If the latter, then I'd say Britain would be stronger and still have an Empire, the Middle East would be more stable, and due to the lack of UN or EU, more small scale border wars
I wouldn't be alive or would have different parents. My father was an RAAF Mid Upper Gunner Lancaster Squadron posted to England. My mother was an WRAF with the Royal Air Force based in Brighton during WW2. I am the result of my mum being a war bride from Scotland and my dad was a RAAfie airgunner. So if WW2 had not occured neither would I or my 3 sisters and brother

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