What photo editor software are you using?

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Jun 4, 2005
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I have Adobe CS2. Absolute over kill for nearly everything I use it for. So I'm looking for something else.

Any suggestions?
Irfanview is pretty good, though basic.
Gimp is a good, free advanced photo editor, and can do most things adobe can.
I also use UFRAW occasionally to edit RAW photo images.
I have a large collection of imagine programs for various reasons, but I find myself using my older version of Paintshop Pro (ver. 7) for more of the basic stuff.

I know alot of folks like irfanview or gimp, but I never really like those programs. Variety makes the horse race, right? :lol:

Anyway, have a look at some of the older imaging programs available and see what you might be interested in (this is a badass archive site, by the way):

Old versions of Windows, Mac and Linux Software, Apps Abandonware Games - Download at OldVersion.com
I use Darktable, a raw editor. It's agreat program, especially when you're doing bulk editing. It's mainly focussed on developing your hoto, you know correct whiteblance and stuff. It is free (as infree beer) butI believe it is Linux only. Another similar, more multiplatform program is rawtherapy, but I've never used that. For the more fancy stuff, tricks and so I use gimp. Contrary to Dave I really like it, it's very powerfull and free, opensource.
I am surprised that no one has mentioned Photoshop Elements, its inexpensive and does everything that I want it to do. That said A lot of you know more than I on this so are there any reasons why its not popular?
Oh sure, make me the bad guy, Marcel! :lol:

Actually, do you remember years ago, when Swish was the ultimate program to have?

Are you? :lol:
No, I am actually a fan of open source and will promote that. Gimp fits in that picture, a remarkable programm given that it is developed by a comunity instead of a rich company and that it is free to download and spread. Photoshop is of course better, but I consider it a unsuitable for amateur photographers because of the price steep learning curve and because it is way more advanced that anyone could ever need. And yes, I dislike software piracy just as much :D

Talking about cheap, yet powerfull software, if your're not convinced by the price (gratis) of gimp, you could also buy the rather cheap(compared to photoshop) paintshop pro. Have used version 6 of that program for years, but abandoned it when I started to use FOSS software. It is a good contender.

As for managing photos (categorising and tagging), this is a field that many people forget. There are many good programs for managing pictures, of which picasa springs in mind as a free, windows compatible program that can also do editing. It is quite powerfull. I myself, using linux use Shotwell, although DigiKam is a more feature complete professional tool.
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I am surprised that no one has mentioned Photoshop Elements, its inexpensive and does everything that I want it to do. That said A lot of you know more than I on this so are there any reasons why its not popular?

I use it (PSE8 ). It's overkill for what I need but does the trick.
I have Photoshop CS2 because it was offered free by adobe after they moved on to a higher platform, but I don't like it nearly as much as my Photoshop 7.0, which is my primary go-to for photos.

I have used Paintshop 7 forever (and do recommend it for those who want simple but useful) and that was my main imaging program for combat sim skinning and editing as well as making a quick "meme" or any other graphic image. It's also my go-to when I want to resize an image on the fly for posting here in the forum. Fast, Fun and Simple :lol:

I have a ton of other imaging programs for various needs...my beer chick avatar was made in Animation Shop and finalized with ImageReady 7. I used to use Strata Studio Pro and GMax to create wireframe models for combat sims like CFS3 as well as DTXBmp (which also worked great for Jane's WW2 Fighters)...

The "Old Version" link I shared earlier has a good variety of old imagine programs that have been released from the publishers and while they may be older, work just fine (remember, many years ago, they were cutting edge!)

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