whats the best way of making a skin 4 il2 fb

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Dec 20, 2004
well, i have this problem, if i start to make a skin, it starts with that void thingy. but if im going to paint it with pain, its very much work to put all the details back on it..

how do you guys make your skins for that game? or do you have any suggestions?
i use photodelux4.0 , you'll need something that removes white , so you dont go over panle lines
oh yeah , does he even have photoshop of any sort ??????
the best program i have for il-2 skinning is gimp2 but it has the same problems
Try this:
open any skin with a soft that can manage layers.
Add a new layer.
Set layer opacity to a value that let you see thru it, so you can see the botom layer (which is the original Il2 skin) when you start flooding paint.
Start creating the skin you like painting on the blank (top) layer you have created. The bottom serves as guide.
From this stage is the same as texturing any 3D model, you must add layers for rivets, damage, insignia, etc, and in the end merge all layers in a single one.
Last, save it with a file format that Il2 can manage. I guess that you can not modify the skin dimensions (not sure).
About texturing 3D models, there is lots of tutorials in the web, but they are a bit long to post any in this reply, and they have many images!.
Well, hope that it help, good luck.
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Similar to above.
You should start with something simple first just to get the hang of it. Also I find paint a valuable resource. I use paint to make my design onto a copy of the void file and then use photo shop to fade the original void back over the top.
NOTE: you may need to change it to RGB colour first with photoshop and save it as a 32bit file, just make sure you change it back to indexed colour.

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