What's your Favorite Star Wars Film?

What's your Favorite Star Wars Film?

  • Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

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  • Star Wars Fan Films

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  • The Prequels

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Soundbreaker Welch?

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Feb 8, 2006
Colorado, USA
Well, this can go into other topics but I guess this is a good starting one.

So vote your pick. And you can talk why it is your favorite.
My favourite are Revenge of the Sith and Empire Strikes Back. I don't know, maybe I just like the idea of the evil side winning ! But the battle on Hoth is awesome too, so that's the main reason I like that movie. Although A New Hope rocks 'cos of the battle around Yavin IV
I like 'Return of the Jedi' best! The bit on Endor when the AT-STs are getting smashed and tripped by logs is very good! Also the sabre battles on the death star, and that crazy fish man!
I like the original trilogy, but I wish they'd have picked a better actor to play Luke Skywalker. Mark Hammill always made Luke look like a whiny little b*tch.

"But I was going into Toche Station to pick up some power converters!" :cry:

And the scene near the end of Return of the Jedi where Luke snaps and goes wildly at Vader. Boy, what a brilliant bit of acting there, eh? :lol:
He tries to portray a tough Luke, but he just comes off as a turd.


I thought all three of the newer movies were cool too. Especially the last one.
I agree. Though I like Empire too.
I do too, only because Boba Fett is my favorite SW character..
The bit on Endor when the AT-STs are getting smashed and tripped by logs is very good!
Yea, that was cool, except for the fact that Lucas and his stupid *** Ewoks made the film gay as hell... I hate those freakin Ewoks, and hate Lucas for trying to appeal to the little kiddies of the world instead of keeping the faithful SW fans appeased.... The end scene with the dancing and music ruined that film for me.... Even Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil thought the ending was ridiculous....

But please, lets not start talking about Jar Jar, cause I'll have to get a bucket to puke in....
Well I love the originals, didn't think too much of the new ones personally especially the Phantom menace, however I did enjoy it when Anakin turned bad in Revenge of the Sith. My favourite character - Chewbacca.
Live long and prosperous, just kidding boys, yeah, i didnt like Return Of The Jedi, Empire Strikes Back was ok but I thought the first movie was awesome, I hated Attack Of The Clones, but the 1st and 3rd of the Episode series were awesome.
Trivia for you Star Wars fans.

"Yoda" was based on a charchter in the epic movie "Seven Samurai". If youve seen that movie, remember the old blind man charachter who owned the rice mill?

The dogfight sequence in the first movie, when the X fighters were going at it with the Tye-fighters, those scenes were modeled after the Spitfire and -109 dogfights in the movie "The Battle of Britain". Watch them "roll and twist" just like a WW2 dogfight.
it's spelt Tie ;) sorry couldn't let that one slip :lol:

either way a new hope's pretty good, and it was very clever how Ep.III explained everything, a great way to end it all...........
i watched Ep.III again a few days and it reminded me just how good it is, i need to watch The Empire Strikes Back soon though, i was never too keen on any of that stuff on Bespin though............
it was, like i've said i like the way it explains everything in the later series, apart from the bit at the end about Qui-Gon Jinn (who by the way is really cool) about how he can communicate from the dead using the force, it doesn't seem to fit it seems like they've just stuck it in to explain how we can hear Obi-Wan's voice in the later films, as Qui-Gon obviously taught Obi-Wan the secret, other than that, and Vader's "NOOOOOOOOO" it's all great..............

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