Whats your sim setup for IL2 look like?

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Dec 27, 2010
Im thinking of getting back into online IL2 if I can patch it up for CoOp's this time, but I had so much difficulty getting it patched past 4.04m I gave up eventually and the flight-console I bought for my sim setup is geared more towards a modern flight sim with axis for mixture and radiator than using keyboard buttons.

On the one hand, assuming that BoB:SoW is coming out soon, I could use some hours Combat flight simming against Human opponents instead of comp-stomping.

Anyways I got about $1500 into my setup, its not quite as good as the guys with simpits or motion flight simulators, but I tried to get as much immersion as I could without going all out, and it also remaining a desktop PC for other uses around the house.

Most of that money went into a custom 1 of 2 in the world flight-console as I am not mechanically inclined enough to build my own simulator equipment, however I feel the mechanical engineer in Greece that built this for me did an excellent job and it will make simulation in IL2 as well as Battle of Britain: Storm of War, a little easier to make up for my weak flight-combat skills.


^My setup


^ Prototype, and mine prior to delivery, photo taken in Greece, I think early 2009.
Nice setup.. i have the track IR 5, and a logitech G940 i just love them!

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