Wheel Well paint plugs

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Ralph Haus

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Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
I had mentioned doing this in the 'recent purchases' posts but it does not belong there. AK4 (Evan) had posted a purchase which part of included some after marker wheel well paint masks (plugs). Recent Purchases.

I had replied (to Fubar57/George) that I would try and create my own. My first attempt turned out 'useable. I need a better pair of scissors to do cleaner outline cutting!).

I used whatever paint color was the closest, in this case yellow. Applying a wet bead with a toothpick,

marker paint.jpg

and then immediately pressing the plug material onto the painted panel cutout.

paint transfer.jpg

Not a perfect paint transfer, but close enough to get the proper sizes.

plug outline.jpg

I tried to cut on or outside the lines to allow for compression of material in the cavity.

plug cutout.jpg

Other that the 'fuzzies, which are always present when using the open foam material that I used, they fit good enough the protect the underlying paint
application of interior green.

plug install.jpg

I think I'll try and use this on future builds. Beats the masking tape or trying to wrangle with multiple smaller foam pieces.

I'm also thinking of adapting this to the cockpit opening area. Masking tape is a PITA!!!

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