Where are you from?

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Dec 27, 2006
I have been into aviation for nearly 60 years now. I collect autographs of the aces among other things. I have 1,285 different aces, a couple hundred that aren't, sub commanders, etc. I am probably like most of you where your significant other tolerates your obsession with aviation because you're loved. This group is the only contact I have with like-minded people. I live in East Bridgewater, MA. Where are you from? It would be nice to be in touch with someone close by that can point out different things in this area that I might have missed.
It amazes me that people can pack up and move so far away from where they were born. I'm 62, and have always lived within 15 miles of where I was born. I can't imagine moving to a different country. It doesn't help when I'm a pack rat. I love to collect just about everything.
Just have to take your collection with you. I collect WW2 uniforms, equipment, and other artifacts. You get used to the moving.
When I lived in my home town, we moved out to the sticks when I was four. In 18 years I moved three more times, a total distance of .26 miles/.43kms

England here, Born in the Posh part of Essex, University in Cambridge, now live in a small village in Northamptonshire.
Began in Kansas, to Missouri, to Tennessee, to Louisiana and here I stay. A brief stay in Colorado while in the USAF.
Hello from down here.
Todd in Decatur, AL. Always had an obsession with WWII aircraft. Collect WWII aircraft instruments and cockpit items. I also build displays for combat Vet pilots and give them for free.
Usually do a scaled down panel from the aircraft they flew and put the instruments from the variant they flew in it. Hello my friends...a pleasure to meet you.

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