Where's that pic ?!

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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Very recently, within the last week, someone posted a diagram showing a scale drawing of a Short Stirling, overlaid against similar drawings of the Lancaster and Halifax, in both plan and side elevation.
I've searched all over the forum, sometimes in unlikely places, and even looked under the rug, but I can't find it again !
Can anyone point me in the right direction please ?
Is this what you're looking for, because if not, I'm stumped as well.
That's the one - brilliant! Thanks very much indeed SL, I was tearing my hair out, and beginning to think I'd imagined it !
It's just what I need to accompany a diorama and other stuff I'm preparing for a small UK museum, which is having a 'Veteran's Day' celebration in May this year.
A Stirling crashed nearby, on return from an 'Op' to Essen, in April 1942, and it's hoped that former Stirling crew, plus relatives of those lost in the crash, will be attending.
This will be a nice addition to the other images I'm assembling to enhance the diorama display on the day. Regrettably, I won't have the painting of the action over Essen completed by then, also commissioned by the museum, as it would have been interesting to hear the Veteran's comments !
Ah! No wonder I couldn't find it ! Never thought of looking in Sunny's excellent thread - I was checking more aviation-biased locations !
Thanks for the extra info Dennis.
And yes, the Stirling was from 15 Sqn, Serial number N3703, code LS-G. The Squadron was operating from Alconbury, as their 'home' base at Wyton was having concrete runways laid. Carrying six, 2,000 pound bombs, 'G- George' was hit by flak over the target, sustaining damage to one engine. Loss of oil pressure forced the shut-down of this engine and, on approach to Alconbury, low oil pressure caused further engine failure, and the Stirling crashed near Godmanchester on the morning of April 11th - there was only one survivor.
Yeah, I didn't actually look through forums for that pic. I just recognized what you were talking about and saw it on the Wiki page. Oh well, I don't have much shame. It really gives you a sense for how big the Stirling actually was. I hope the display goes well Airframes!
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Thanks SL - I'm only contributing a small token in the form of a 1/72nd scale diorama of 'G- George' at dispersal, with the crew getting out of a truck, ready to board and depart on their final Op. It's a day for those Veteran's who can attend, so, apart from hopefully getting to chat to them, I'll be keeping very much in the background.

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