Which Russian fighter?

Which Russian fighter do you prefer?

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Yep 8)

A bit of History for ya :shock:

At the end of 1941 an R.A.F Squadron went to Russia to help the Crew's over there learn about the Hurri. And to cut a long story, not ONE single Russian Aircraft were lost to enemy action when the R.A.F were escorting them :shock:

And only ONE Hurricane was lost - In a Training Accident :shock: :shock:

Cool, a 8) 8)

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no, not for the dambusters raid, it's just i've read a log about their accidents, quite funny really
ill post something i got from one of the lancs books thats quite funny :)

Whilst on the return from a bombing raid, the plane (cant remember what it was, a whitby is it? similar name anyway :)) started to run out of fuel, so the pilot commanded everyone to bail out, but the communications link to the rear gunner was non-functional and he didnt hear the command, so the pilot put the plane on the auto-pilot and everyone, except the tail-gunner, bailed out.

after a while, the plane landed itself smoothly on a hill in scotland, the tail gunner went to congratulate the pilot on his smooth landing and was amazed to see that he was the only one on the plane and the plane had landed itself!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

from a book about the raf that the lancs got, dont know the name, ill get back to you with it 8)
ok, here goes, it's called "THE ROYAL AIR FORCE AT WAR" By Martin W. Bowman, if you see it, BUY IT!!!! it's one of the funniest books i've ever read, it's full of quotes, info and funny cartoons from WW2 till the presents day, here's a 'lil peom about the Mosquito:-
Mossies they don't worry me,
Mossies they don't worry me,
if you get jumped by a One-nine-0,
I'll show you how to get free.
Keep cool and collected,
Keep calm and sedate,
Don't let your Brittish blood boil,
Don't hesitate,
just go right through the gate,
And drown the poor Bastard in oil!

and lots of thinks like that.

BTW, the plane cheddar cheese was on about was the Whitley.

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