Wich was the worst nation in the war?

Wich was the worst nation in the war?

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Jun 4, 2004
Wich was the worst nation in the war?
Define worst. In terms of success it the war you could argue for all of the European countries in your list excluding Great Britain, Germany, and Finland. If you mean in terms of human rights, well I think the Axis countries have a strong showing there.
I reckon it was france cus they had the opportunity of invaded Germany when they where attacking Poland.
It wasn't only France that had the chance, it was the whole Alliance. The BEF, France, Belgium, Denmark and Holland could have all attacked Germany while Germany was in Poland.
The German propaganda gave the good idea that the German Western Wall was impregnable, and the Allies believed it. With only a few, far stretching, recce missions into the Rheinland by the French, there was nothing by any of the Alliance members. Something of a disgrace looking back, but to them they would lose.

And no one can really blame Britian because the Germans had sent 1.6 million into Poland but they sent 3.3 million into France in 1940. This means they still had a lot in Germany during Fall Weiss. Britain had 350,000 men at the most, the obvious minorty during Fall Gelb, since the Alliance had 3,785,000 men.

On an aviation note, you can't really compare the smaller nations (Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Poland etc.) with the larger ones that had time to create an effective industry, and had the war to give them the challenge of getting the edge over the enemy. If you were out, you wouldn't bother.

Also, in Fall Gelb the Allies were only just beaten in numbers of aircraft, 3, 791 Allied aircraft against 3,824 Luftwaffe.
Eventually there were, but they were hardly an effective fighting force to begin with. But it wasn't me, I haven't voted. Some of the smaller countries made a very good showing considering what they had to work with. The Polish Airforce gave a rather nasty shock to the Luftwaffe.
The Polish air force didn't really give a shock, they shot a few planes down but were crushed within a fortnight at best. A lot of the smaller nations were out for the count by 1940, C.C. They didn't have good air forces.
I'm totally amazed at what Finland did hehe really got Stalin mad :lol:
They were very successful, but a lot of that success had to do with the (at least initial) weakness of the VVS.
I mean come on Finland was amazing
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