Wilhelm Moritz's FW190 A-8 Sturmbock

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    Hi guys,

    I was reading up on the sturmgruppen, and I'm just curious to find out if IV./ (sturm) JG3's Wilhelm Moritz's FW190 A-8/R2,W.Nr 681382, was flown by him until the war's end, and in the 'anonymous' colour scheme?

    The photo I saw, thanks to Falkeins blogspot, shows him with this aircraft at Schongau in August 1944 (marked <<). The caption said that the aircraft was re-painted in a more anonymous scheme than the iconic Sturm JG3 'black cowling' scheme, but no further info was included on whether he continued to fly this machine and if it remained in this 'anonymous' scheme for the rest of the was beyond August 1944.

    Info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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    as other Sturm Fw 190 pilots of IVth gruppe yes he flew the blue/black cowled A/C of which there are fotos of and then this machine was under his butt as the rest of the IVth Sturmgruppe.

    really nothing was official in writing but the brightly colored scheme of dark cowling and white fuselage band was worn till the machines were shot down or the camo just wore off, this evident in fotos as well. Almost in time when the JG 51 portion became 16th staffel of a new 4staffel gruppe in m8id-August of 1944.

    true this was his last machine till he was out of being Kommandeur of the gruppe.

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