Willi Reschke Joe Owsianik -meeting after 63 years

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Senior Master Sergeant
Hello flyboys,

I temporary have my American friends on visit here- Joseph P. Owsianik, a former left waist gunner from a B-17G, ser. # 42-97159, "Tail End Charlie" and his grand
son Nic Mevoli.
This B-17G was shot down on August 29th, 1944 and Joe managed to bail out. Whole 20th Sqdn from 2nd BG was erased from the sky.
We just came back from Germany, where Joe´s big dream came true- on August 28th, 2007, after 63 years, he met Willi Reschke, a former German fighter, that flew his Bf109G-6 on that day and shot down one of those B-17G´s.

What a wonderful moment for them and me!

Enjoy these pictures friends!


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Aug 21, 2006
Awesome shots, and you right. It probably was a once in a life time moment for you. With all the WWII vets passing away now due to age. Very cool.


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Thank you Micdraw,

as you said, once in a life for me, but I´m happy for them. You could feel the touch of history and the message for the future generations.
Got to quit now as my American friends are here and I have to care for them. But not only me. I´m happy I have a lot of good friends and family around me. Without them I´d never be able to organize all these things conected to their trip.
Our American friends leave us on Monday 3rd...:cry:


the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
good to see the two warriors finally meet, and good for you Roman for getting this all set-up, 2 old adversaries putting things aside and sitting and chatting together

a hearty congratulations ` WELL DONE FRIEND ! enjoy the continued time together and my regards to both men and all of your team and to Jan Zdiarsky my friend....

he has a wonderful museum as well

Erich ~


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Hello friends,

just found a few minutes in my friend´s office now so I wanna thank you for your messages. My American friends are still here with us. We just finished one interview with one newspaperman, that wants to write an article about Joe´s story.

Nice weekend


Nov 9, 2005
Hi V2,

btw, Owsianik´s parents were born in Krakow and moved to the States in 1898...

Greetings from Zlin, Czech Republic

Hello Seesul,

world is not so big...
Polish peoples ( and Czech too, I think ) are all over the world...


Senior Master Sergeant
2 warrior enemies now friends......................this is how it should be !

thanks Roman

Erich ~


I didn´t pass your questions to Willi yet but will do that next week in my letter.There was no time during their meeting... translating from German to English and Czech, then from German to English and Czech... I was totaly confused after we got it finished:lol:

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