Winter Sports........

What kind of winter equipement do you use?

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Nov 3, 2004
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The Weather thread makes me think of what you guys are using/sporting during the Winter.

I am personally very skilled in all Downhill Ski, Snowboarding and Ice Skating. Although I don't like Winter that much, I simply admire its sports.

There's nothing better to do in the Winter than speed fast, whether this is from a downhill on Ski or on a frozen pond with friends while playing Hockey.

I'm not much into Cross Country but that will change this season, I hope.

What are your favorites in Winter time? I can bet Erich is a Cross Countrier, Lesofprimus used to play Ice Hockey and also now I know that CC and Lanc are pummeling. :D
I personally luv back country skiing as a great form of cross training and part of my job besides.

this has to count as a winter sport and should be listed on the poll in my estimation 8)

A few years ago I constructed a sledge from plastic window frame runners and a small sheet ot chipboard. I bent the front of the runners and the wood and stuck them together, a bit of wax o the plastic runners and whoosh! Incredibly fast and dangerous sledge. Took it for another spin yesterday and fell off at high speed many times, and hurt my back constructing crude snow jumps.

For next winter, im gonna make some home made skis from the plastic window frames and a pair of old trainers...Home made bodge jobs are always the best :evil4:
I do some snowboarding. Not very good though. I used to ski until I started snowboarding and now I will never go back.
I did ski from my 6 then in 12 i skipped on snb and last winter i borrowed ski from my firend and now i dont wanna get out of it. :)
Id love to try some winter sports. Trouble is Cornwall isnt known for its high altitude mountainous terrain ;) Wouldnt mind trying a few water sports either, but for that ill have to wait until we do our speedboat up.

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