WW2 career, plausible postings/dates.

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    G'day all,

    I am in the process of creating my WW2 PRU Pilot. I have the uniform stuff now and am working on a "back story".

    I am familiar with WW1 training, ranks, progression, awards and duties but don't know much about WW2.

    Would someone have a look over the information below and let me know anything that looks glaringly out of place?

    Thanks in advance,


    Born Australia 1/4/1915

    1934 Sailed to England to University, Law. Decided to leave and join RAF 1937.

    1937 - 1939 Joined RAF training and posting. Pilot Officer. Servce Number 410439

    1939 to Aug 1940 19 Sqn

    Aug 1940 19 Sqn Promoted Flying Officer

    From Aug 1940 to Sept 1940 19 Sqn 3 1/2 victories

    Sept 1940 19 Sqn Promoted Flight Lieutenant

    Sept 1940 to Nov 1940 19 Sqn 1 Victory

    Nov 1940 to Dec 1941 1 PRU (Heston)

    Dec 1941 to Oct 1942 1 PRU (Benson)

    Oct 1942 1 PRU Promoted Squadron Leader, awarded DFC

    Oct 1942 to Feb 1943 541 (PR) Sqn (Gibralta)

    Feb 1943 to April 1943 680 PR Sqn (Castel Benito)

    April 1943 to July 1943 shot down Wounded right shoulder, "walked" home ("Late

    Arrivals" club Winged Boot) , Hospital (where?) then to England,convalesce/leave.

    August 1943 to E.o.W. 543 (PR) Sqn (Benson)

    As at 1944 uniform is:

    RAF WSD with AUSTRALIA shoulder titles, small DFC ribbon centered under Wings. Late arrivals badge worn on left pocket of WSD.

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