WW2 Deck Log of the USS Denver (CL-58)

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Very good link and reading between the lines a lot of interesting information. After an air attack they inspected for damage and found that she had been hit by three 8in shells!! Also no mention of aircraft been spotted using radar
I enjoyed having a quick look SYS but I am going to go back to the site when i have a bit of time as there is one heck of a lot of info.
the figures for the amunition usage I thought showed the intensity of the attacks very well 1300 5" common AA alone is a lot but add all the other weapons and thats a busy shipfor one engagement.
If you look at the info when it was berthed and onloading ammo, look at the amount of time needed. (Of course off loading ammo can be done quickly, heheheheheh).

I can just imagine the time it took to onload a battleship. That could be a one week affair!

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