WWII aircraft gifts you are giving (or receiving) this year

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Mar 21, 2005
What WWII aircraft related gifts are you giving or receiving this year?

I am giving a good friend a 1:72 scale die cast metal DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk. VI along with a pilots manual that I was able to download from the web.
cool Jank, I know I'm getting the book "Luck of the draw" By ted Sly who was an Aussie Spitfire pilot in Nth Africa and the Pacific and "catalina dreaming" stories about RAAF catalina crews in WWII. Looking forward to both.
well obviously i'll have to wait until tomorrow to tell you details but i know i'm getting a DVD set of unseen RAF films from WWII, nothing else i can think of off the top of my head......
Lanc, are these RAF training films from WWII your talking about? I seem to remember reading about them being released on DVD somewhere.
not a thing, just having my Grand-daughters over last night was enough to celebrate. Personally I see nothing in print worth purchasing at the moment but that is just me showing my specific tastes

Got the IL2-1946 game for myself... not many people among my family and friend give a dime to old airplanes, basically 'not many' could be read 'nobody'
well christmas day is here! the RAF DVDs are the 1954 series "War in the Air", a 15 part series that only ever got the one showing but to much acclaim from critics, 3 DVDs with 15 half hour episodes covering the outbreak of war through to it's end in the pacific and some of the follow up to Korea and NATO, with the pick of over 12million feet of footage i cannot wait to watch what looks to be a fantastic series! I also got a small pocket book of Jane's Aircraft of WWII, a small book covering many warplanes that will help me know what you're talking about when you guys speak about non-British aircraft :lol:

a few other DVDs and bits for the computer, a wonderful Christmas!

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