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Doug Campbell

Jun 1, 2018
Southern Pines NC

This may be of some interest to you.

List of friendly fire incidents - Wikipedia
Thanks Andrew. I guess I should be more specific, sorry. I am some 90,000 words into a book I am writing on Friendly Fire Incidents Involving US Submarines in WWII. Of course many of those incidents were from US and RAAF patrol-bombers dropping depth bombs or strafing US subs even though the subs may have been inside their protective sailing areas. I have War Patrol Reports from some 80+ subs where they mentioned being hit or attacked by friendly fire and about ten or so that weren't on a war patrol when they were attacked (mostly in the Atlantic during test/training periods. What I am looking for are any stories from the pilots perspective on such friendly fire attacks - where they learned afterwards that they had attacked their own guys. Most of that information seems to have been quashed/hidden/not reported or written down, probably because it affected morale, etc. So I have a lot of stories from the submariner side but rarely were they able to find out who the culprit was. That's what I'm looking for to balance out all the sub stories with the aircraft stories. Thanks everyone!!

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