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Jun 15, 2005
Deep in suburban Surrey
Took a break from my usual stuff:



Eh... The Y-Wing is one of my personal favorites... I'd like to see a Podracer for CFS1 though... Probably, when you shoot at the cable, the cable breaks away, and the engine still shoots off, on fire. Maybe, when fired at the cockpit, the cockpit catches fire, and the thing just explodes in mid air.
Yeah, I couldn't figure that one out either. I wonder if Saberstrike was doing sound effects as he wrote that. :lol:
I'm building one of those at the moment; a finemodels 1:72 (well, I presume it is.) I have been after one of these for ages, the only ones I could fine were stupid snap together ones. So I got one from Hong Kong in the end. Only problem is, all the instructions are in Japanese! Despite knowing the films line for line, it's still hard to work out what colours they should be, every photo shows a different shade of grey. Never mind, it's still one of my all time favourite fictional designs. Now, if only they also made an A, B and Y Wing in the same scale

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