Yaw Problems

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Chief Master Sergeant
Mar 29, 2006
Phila, Pa
I installed PF over all the previous IL2 programs (FB, ect). Found that the yaw on all the models was almost out of hand. Very difficult to damp down (be a lot easier if I had rudder pedals but...). Did not have this problem with the other versions of the game, all of them, while yaw was there, could be managed. Have tried monkeying around with the yaw settings but found it to be ineffective in reducing the influence. Still have the nose swinging back and forth, all over the sky. Even went so far as to buy a new joystick, while it helped, it was only of limited success. Again, all this popped up with PF, not a big problem with the other versions of the game.

Anybody know how to damp the yaw down to a manageable level?

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