yes finally she flys

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you guys do know where this could lead don't you ? with all the high tech graphics, I see a late war - spring 45 jet vs USA bomber flick scenario right around the corner
Oh boy I would really love to see that baby for my self. We use to have a airshow every year here at our airport but they stopped it and I wish they would bring it back, to see a Mirrage F1, Cheetah, Avro Shackleton, Ju-52 Tante and a Albatross. To fly in a Ju-52 Tante is great.
I hope at some point it will come to Duxford or Fairford!
i dunno why you're complaining South Africa aint exactily short of warbirds :lol: but i think the earliest meteors still flying are Mk.8s so bring it on!
I wish you bugger. We only have 1 Me-262 and it is a two seater night fighter. We do not get aircraft from other countries like the US, UK or from the EU. Very rare thing here. The only great aircraft the Avro Shackleton crashed in the Sahara after having engine problems on its way to the Eu, that was a great loss.

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