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Thread: Fastest Piston Engined Aircraft of WW2?

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    Fastest Piston Engined Aircraft of WW2?

    My vote goes to the Spiteful F16 quoted at 494 mph, twin engined goes to Hornet F20 at 485 mph, Some late model Spits were also capable of 485 mph so anything go faster than these?.

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    Are you talking about planes that saw combat in WWII?

    I have read of accounts of P-47 M's clocked at 490mph in level flight.

    The Republic XP-47J Superbolt, a lightweight version of the Thunderbolt with the same engine as the "M" and "N" model (R-2800-57(C)), had a maximum speed of 507mph.

    It weighed in at about 2,000lbs under the "D" model in combat loaded trim.

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    The second XP-51G was shipped to the United Kingdom in February 1945. This plane was also named Mustang V, and bore the RAF serial number FR410. It is widely reported to have achieved a speed of 495 mph during tests at the A&AEE at Boscombe Down in February 1945
    North American XP-51F, G, J Mustang



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