he Wrights produced this hydroplane in early 1913. It was a Model C equipped for taking off and landing on water. Originally, it used two twin pontoons affixed to the skid supports, but this made the aircraft difficult to turn. The Wright switched to one large pontoon under the center and small ones under each wingtip and tail. Wright Model CH specifications: 38 ft (11.6 m) wingspan 6 ft (183 cm) chord 5 ft (152 cm) separation 440 sq ft (40.8 sq. m) wing area 1:24 camber 40 sq ft (3.7 sq m) horizontal rear elevator 18 sq ft (1.7 sq m) twin movable vertical rear rudders 29.8 ft (9.1 m) overall length 1000 lbs (417 kg) total weight (without pilot or passenger) 6 cylinder engine, 50 to 75 hp running at 1400 to 1560 rpm Two contra-rotating propellers, 8.5 ft (259 cm) long, turning at 525 to 575 rpm 45 mph (72 kph) average speed References: McFarland, Marvin W. (ed), "The papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright." McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1953, p 1202-1203, plates 213-214. [

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