This triple-long-range reconnaissance seaplane designed to replace the "Marine Type 90-3" (Kawanishi E5K1), was created in March 1932 on the instructions in Kawanishi 7-C, issued a month earlier. Competitor was a Kawanishi Aichi. The aircraft received intra-code "model-J" and naval E7K1. Work of designers headed Eyi Sekiguchi. The first prototype was ready in less than a year and was flight tested February 6, 1933 E7K1 was a biplane dvuhpoplavkovy a 500-hp engine Hiro "type 91" - 12-cylinder, W-shaped, liquid-cooled. Its armament included a simultaneous 7.7-mm machine gun "type 92" and two 7.7-mm machine gun "type 92" for mobile units at the end of the cab and under the fuselage. Under the center-holders were four 30-kg or two 60 kg bombs. The crew consisted of pilot, observer and gunner-radio operator - all three located in the same cabin

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