The Type 161 flew for the first time on 21 January 1931. Further flight trials produced some modifications, largely to improve yaw stability. The rudder was broadened and rounded at the top, and small fins were added above and below the tailplane at the boom mounting point. There were also alterations to the geometry and gearing of the elevator trim tabs: it has been suggested that the Type 161 may have been the first aircraft to have had in-flight adjustable elevator trims.] In September 1931 it went to RAF Martlesham Heath for trials, where no serious problems emerged and pilot's reports were positive. The gun firing tests went well, with no detriment to airframe or performance. Despite that, neither the Type 161 or its competitor the Westland C.O.W. Gun Fighter were ordered and no more was heard of the aerial COW gun Vickers 161 J9566 was an unusual 1930s pusher biplane interceptor, designed to attack aircraft from below with a single upward-angle large calibre gun. Modification Vi ckers 161 Wingspan, m 9. 75 Length, m 7. 16 Height, m 3.76 Wing area, m2 25. 08 Weight, kg empty aircraft 1080 normal takeoff 1520 Type of engine 1 PD Bristol Jupiter VIIF Power, hp 1 x 530 The maximum speed, km / h 298 Cruising speed, km / h 232 Etc. Practical range, km Max. climb, m / min Service ceiling, m 6825 Crew 1 Armament: 37-mm gun COW

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