AHM M5A1 Stuart VI

Hey, I think I found a Stuart Tank, But I think it is an earlier model M3 Stuart, I don't know the exact differences.
The tank wheels match a Stuart tank. Out in the Mojave desert with a metal detector and got a really big hit! Starting digging and found one tank. It is now partially uncovered by someone trying to cut parts off for salvage. It is upside down with a large hole cut in the bottom. You can climb inside if you are careful about snakes. It's a little too cold for them right now, but watch out this summer. It was buried about three feet down. We also found tons of .50 cal shells, 20 mm shells, practice bombs and other ordnance buried just below the surface. We started digging to uncover more, but there is just too much work. You can have the tank if you want to dig it all up!!!
more about finding stuff in the desert here:
Lost in the desert
Lost in the desert - Wreckchasing Message Board



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