The following 2 photographs appeared in this article. This story was in the Hawaii Navy News Online (Volume 27, Issue 24-June 21, 2002) "Spring cleaning reveals lost Arizona (BB-39) photos." BREMERTON, Wash. - You never know what will turn up during spring cleaning - a long-forgotten childhood toy, an old suit you wish you had forgotten or, as was the case at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, some old photographs that shed new light on a chapter from a part of naval history. Arizona was at Puget Sound Navy Yard in 1938 for overhaul, but early records are vague. Until now, the historical archives had no information on the specific work done on Arizona during its overhaul here. The photographs show a turret being lifted from the ship to a temporary foundation. A battleship pier was located directly under the hammerhead crane (built in 1932-33) with a lifting capacity of 250 tons. There are numerous photos in the shipyard photo archives that show the hammerhead crane lifting large armament from the capital ships, but this is the first time that photos have shown the lifting of turrets. This photo shows the bow view above deck portion of the turret and its 3 x 14"/45 guns. Photos are dated 23 May 1938

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