Cutaway BAE 167 Strikemaster Mark 88 , the single-engine trainer based on the Hunting Jet Provost and first flew in 1970, provided services in Venezuela as coaches from 1962-1979 its predecessor, at the time the training of aspiring cadets to pilot and then sub-lieutenants ran for three systems, the T-34A Bechcraft, North American T-6 (the latter retired in 1969/70) to move to the Jet Provost, around 1973 began to operate the Rockwell T-2D being this is the last step for military pilot wings, having a period of 1973-1979 where aspiring pilots had to train and pass three systems and their complexities before earning their wings chest, child and I live in Maracay grew up seeing in our skies to pass all of these systems, especially the T-2D remember when passing near the Lyceum where he studied my secondary and make your turn and draw their airbrakes tail, in a sleek black and red (maintained The same U.S. Navy scheme to approximate the Mariscal Sucre Air Base which housed the Military Aviation School, the Jet Provost was appreciated in teaching their cabin side to side allowing the instructor to feel and see the student, appreciating their growth as a pilot, which did not like was having to use ejection seats for the same provision, which did not happen, potato (Sub-Officer AVF) once said child being still missed one of these aircraft in an unfortunate accident when their pilots conducted a very low altitude flight crashing into power lines outside that event no more aircraft were lost, except discharged for fatigue or reach the end of its useful life, in 1979, we hardly getting spares for this great coach and when taken the painful decision to give them low, were stored for several years in a hangar of the same base where discoursed its operational life, a copy flew several more years in the "Legendary Squad" who participated in the parades celebrating the foundation of the Venezuelan Air Force on December 10, the now "Military Aviation Component" of our Bolivarian Armed Forces, had a simple Viper engine and cabin was sliding toward back on-high allowing better visibility, light and easy to maintain, the plane ready at hand with his RAF Serbs in their schools of military pilot training, also had points for auxiliary tanks and armed with the ability to launch unguided rockets for weapons training, but also took action against irregular with some other air forces in Africa and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. WEAL author and published in Air Enthusiast magazine

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