Cutaway HESA Shafaq , the proposed Iranian fighter and trainer, based on a Russian design that makes use of an extended wing LERX round or large surface mobile version of hunting has swept wings, while the training has straight wings and LERX fixed ground attack capability and self defense, Iran latter presented a mockup model that continues to show its strong resemblance to the Russian Yakovlev Yak-130, there is little information available about this modern game, it is known that be powered by an RD-33 (to equip the latter with serrated petals), has characteristics of "Stealth light" and a modern radar with a range of only 80 km and a cabin with very instrumental complete with three multi-function screens and seats K-36 ejection, his cab is full view without frames can be varied weapons, from air to air missiles and rockets and laser-guided bombs, along with multiple rocket launcher unguided also allowed myself to speculate on air missiles -air containers "Stealth" radar guidance both infra-red, on its internal structure can only speculate that this little project called its current state of development, it is thought that this was very delayed or canceled, this is schematic cut my first full development,

johnbr, Sep 13, 2012
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