Cutaway Dassault Mirage G , the prototype of the family hunting Mirage variable geometry wings, equipped with Pratt and Whitney turbofan engine / SNECMA TF-306 of 9300 kg thrust, at the request of the French Ministry of Defence, suitable to operate in unprepared runways and aircraft carriers, for which the firm Dassault designed and built this prototype single-engine two-seater with variable geometry wings with minimum arrow angles of 23 and maximum of 70 degrees, the prototype was evaluated in the decade of the sixties and accumulation 400 hours in 316 flights this device lost the January 13, 1971, but had already planned a new model even more with two SNECMA Atar engine MK50 multirole capable interceptor, attack and reconnaissance far, note that this solo venture Dassault firm as demonstrated at the time I had the great capacity for enterprise and technological level reached by the same author of the original models Dassault Mirage F1 of weal and MiG-27 Mike Badrocke, as amended by motorcar to recreate the Dassault Mirage G, represented with different weapons including anti-ship missile AM-39 Exocet, AS-37 Martel, Matra 530 air air missile guidance radar and infra-red next to the Magic 550 infra-red guide (French response to U.S. missile AIM Sidewinder -9), together with the container / tank 68 mm rocket launchers JL 100 and 250 liters, also the auxiliary tank and carrying four bombs of 250 kg, not to mention the auxiliary tanks under the fuselage and wings, one quite close to the speculation that had been installed in this fabulous game had continued its development and entered service with the French aviation

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