Fairey Swordfish

Archaic in appearance even when it first flew in February 1936, the venerable Swordfish survived as an anochronism throughout World War II, outlived it's replacement and destroyed a greater tonnage of enemy shipping than any other Allied torpedo bomber. The brilliantly executed attack on the Italian fleet in Taranto harbour on 11 November 1940 constituted the pinnacle on which the Swordfish's fame was forever to stand. Not even the Bismarck could escape the Swordfish's attention as it was making it's way to towards Brest on 26 May 1941. One torpedo hit and Bismarck was sailing in circles. The last Mk III was completed on 18 August 1944 in Sherburn, and on 28 June 1945 a Swordfish was the last biplane to fly a solo mission for the Fleet Air Arm. Source: Composite Profile: Wings Palette Info: Great Aircraft of the World Published by Colour Library Books Ltd.

Fairey Swordfish
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