Cutaway FIAT G.50 "Freccia" , the Italian game early in the Second World War designed by the Engineer Gabrieli and had to be a substitute CR.42 biplane monoplane that was still in service in large numbers and was an Italian aircraft mounts preferred over the recent and more advanced monoplane fighters, which in a rather controversial decision the high command of the Italian aircraft instead of purchasing a large number of the best among the three models: Macchi MC.200, Reggiane RE.2000 and FIAT G.50 decided the construction of the three models and put into service, all these fighters had enclosed cabs from the beginning but was not liked by the pilots who prefer flying in open cockpits he came to the case where the these were removed by mechanical application of the pilots, something similar happened in Japan with the latest fighter monoplanes FISAT this reason to make changes in it being now an open cockpit with a small access door to port, the FIAT G.50 enjoyed excellent maneuverability but because your engine a FIAT A.74 RC.38 than just delivering 740 HP then raise to 840 in successive versions could not even reach 500 km / h top speed being of 472 Km / h but even worse was his relatively light armament of two 12.7 mm machine guns, when compared with the 8 machine guns mounted the Hawker Hurricane with which later would in combat and far outweighed by the serious, this was evident the need for a more powerful motor plant, the new engine chosen was the Mercedes Benz DB 601 and then the more powerful DB 605 and was produced under license in Italy, improving the performance of the new FIAT G.55 fighter now armed with a Mauser 20mm cannon and two machine guns of 12.5 mm, but that's another story, the G.50 not achieving what was expected of him and if the other fighters with 200 and Reggiane Mcchi RE.2000 be a huge waste of resources and a disaster logistics by having three different types of fighters and having to produce all parts and spares, these have never been available and in many cases these planes were stranded at their bases sometimes serving as decoys, ultimately not very graceful fighter with his lanky and his cabin on top that did provide excellent visibility despite how close it was the same, author Zigato and retouched by the MC72 forista

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