Fieseler Fi 167

With the beginning of the construction of the first carrier Graf Zeppelin in 1937, two aircraft producers, Fieseler and Arado, were ordered to produce prototypes for a carrier-based torpedo bomber. By the summer of 1938 the Fiesler design proved to be superior to the Arado design, the Ar 195. After two prototypes (Fi 167 V1 & Fi 167 V2), twelve pre-production models (Fi 167 A-0) were built. These had only slight modifications from the prototypes. The aircraft exceeded by far all requirements, had excellent handling capabilities and could carry about twice the required weapons payload. Like the famous Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, the Fi 167 had surprising slow-speed capabilities; the plane would be able to land almost vertically on a moving aircraft carrier. Construction of the Graf Zeppelin was stopped in 1940. When construction of the Graf Zeppelin was resumed in 1942 the Ju 87C took over the role as a reconnaissance bomber, and torpedo bombers were no longer seen to be needed. No examples of this aircraft survive. Source: Profile: Wings Palette Info: Wikipedia

Fieseler Fi 167
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