Grumman XTF-1Tracer

Shown here is U.S. Navy Grumman XTF-1W plane. This aircraft, BuNo 136792, was to be delivered as a standard TF-1 (C-1A) Trader, but it was pulled off the Grumman production line and used as an aerodynamic prototype for the WF-2 (E-1B) Tracer airborne early warning aircraft. It was fitted with a twin tail and an aluminium radome, but not with any electronics. On 11 September 1969 it arrived at the Overhaul and Repair Department of the Naval Air Station Quonset Point, Rhode Island, and was rebuilt into a standard C-1A, leaving the twin tail. After completion, the plane was assigned as a utility aircraft to NAS on 8 April 1970. The plane made the last U.S. Navy flight out of the closing NAS Quonset Point in 3 April 1974. Lateron the aircraft served at other U.S. East Coast NAS before being retired at NAES Lakehurst, New Jersey (USA) on 3 February 1983. The aircraft is today on display at the Quonset Air Museum, North Kingstown, Rhode Island. U.S. Navy Naval Aviation News May-June 1989.

Grumman XTF-1Tracer
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