Title: Name: Kawaniši H8K2 12 Kawanishi H8K2 12 Original title: Original Name: 二 式 飞行 艇 一二 型 Category: Category: reconnaissance / observation aircraft reconnaissance / scout airplane Producer: Kawanishi Kokuki Kabushiki Kaisha in Naru Kawanishi Kokuki Kabushiki Kaisha, Konan Prodoction Period: DD.MM.1943-DD.MM.1945 Manufactured items: Number of Produced: 112 First flight: Maiden Flight: DD.02.1943 Crew: 10 Basic Characteristics: take-off and Landing: CTOL - Conventional Take-Off and Landing CTOL - conventional take-off and landing Leaf arrangement: Arrangement of Wing: monoplane Arrangement of the airplane: Concept Aircraft: Classic conventional Chassis: Undercarriage: firm fixed landing Gear: ship-borne hull flying boat technical Data: Empty Weight: 18280 kg 40,301 lb Take-off Weight: 24500 kg 54,013 lb Maximum Take-off Weight: 32500 kg 71,650 lb Wngspan: 37,969 m 124 ft 6.83 in Length: 28,118 m 92 ft 3in light: 9,144 m 30 ft Wing Area: 160.00 m 2 1722.23 ft 2 Wing Loading: 153,125 kg / m 2 31.36 lb / ft 2 Propulsion: Category: piston Number of Engines: 4 Type: MK4Q Mitsubishi Kasei 22 (Ha-32-22 ) air-cooled dvouhvězdicový čtrnáctiválec on ​​takeoff power 1380 kW, 1253 kW vh = 2100 mA 1148 kW vh = 5500 m Propeller čtyřlistou with constant rotation speed of 3900 mm diameter . MK4Q Mitsubishi Kasei 22 (Ha-32-22) fourteen-cylinder air-cooled twin-row radial enginess, rated at 1,850 hp for take-off, 1,680 hp at 6.89 feet and 1,540 hp at 18,045 ft, driving four-blade metal constant-speed propellers of the diameter 12 feet 9.53 inches Fuel Tank: Fuel Tank Capacity: 18,800 liters 4135.4 gallons UK Maximum Speed: 454 km / h at 5000 m 282.1 mph in 16404 ft Cruise Speed: 296 km / h at 4000 m 183.9 mph in 13123 ft Rate of climb: Climb Rate: 8.1 m / s 1594.5 ft / min Time to exit height: Time to Climb to: 10.43 min to 5000 m 10.43 min to 16404 ft Operational ceiling: Service Ceiling: 8780 m 28806 ft Range: 7153 km 4444.7 mi Maximum Range: 8223.7 km 5110 mi Armament: 5x movable cannon Type 99 Model 1 20 mm caliber, one at a time in the shooting towers in the front, the back and aft and lateral střelištěm 4x mobile machine gun Type 97 caliber 7.7 mm in the side windows of the fuselage bomb load: 2x torpedo Type 91 on weight of 806 kg, respectively. bombs or depth charges weighing 2000 kg (250 kg 8x or 16x 60 kg). Five flexible 0.79 inch Type 99 Model 1 cannons in bow, dorsal and tail turrets and two beam hatches and four .303 flexible Type 97 machine-guns in ventral, port and starboard sides fuselage and cockpit hatches. Bomb load: two two 1,777 lb torpedoes, or eight 551 lb bombs, or sixteen 132 lb bombs or depth-charges. : User States: Japan (Imperial Naval Air Force) Japan (Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service) Note: -二式飞行艇一二型- Nišiki daikei hikótei ichi ni gata - A large flying boat type 2 model 12 Allied code name: Emily. many flying boats carried a search radar, antiship Mark VI model 1 -二式飞行艇一二型- Ni-Hiko shiki-tei ni-ichi gata - Navy Type 2 Flying Boat, Model 12 Allied Code Name: "Emily". Avionics: Mark VI Model 1 ASV radar Sources: Rene J. Francillon Ph.D., Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis Maryland, Reprinted 1990, ISBN-0-87021-313-X Famous Airplanes Of The World, Kawanishi Type 2 Flying Boat, No. 68th 12/1975, Bunrin-Do, No ISBN. William Green, War Planes of the Second World War, Flying Boats, Volume Five, MacDonald, London, Revised and Reprinted 1969, ISBN 356-01449-5 Tadeusz Januszewski and Kryzysztof Zalewski, Japońskie samoloty Marynarska 1912-1945, tiel 2, Lampart, 2000, ISBN 83-86776-00-05 Vaclav Nemecek, Military Aircraft 3 part, the second updated edition, Our Troops, Prague 1992, ISBN author

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