Aces charismatic and historical performances in addition to their numbers of slaughter: a- Hans Joachim Marseille , although it was the 29th ace German, killing more than 158 opponents, 17 in a single day, was knocked down many times. Created an amazing and effective system of self-training that increased their skills through exercises and acrobatics aéres atypical high "G" forces, not wear sunglasses in the desert for training of perceived enemies under strong light, and tactics of their own. He had a strong personality, determination, kindness and charisma, odor jazz, nightlife and possible drunkenness, incompatible with the Nazi discipline, which, despite the various decorations, the forward moved to Africa, where he continued his career atypical. The ace Adolf Galland (see matters in this blog about the Me-262 ) said once that "... his achievements were previously considered impossible to be carried out ... "

johnbr, Jul 19, 2011
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