Heinkel He 112

The Heinkel He 112 was a fighter aircraft designed by Walter and Siegfried Günter. It was one of four aircraft designed to compete for the Luftwaffe's 1933 fighter contract, which was eventually won by the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Small numbers were used for a short time by the Luftwaffe, and small runs were completed for several other countries, but less than 100 were completed in total. It remains one of the least known production fighter designs. Twelve of 30 aircraft ordered by Japan were delivered in the spring of 1938, but the next 12 were impressed for Luftwaffe use, although 11 of these and the final six were supplied later to the Spanish Nationalist air force in November 1938. Thirteen He 112B-0 and 11 He 112B-1 aircraft were delivered to the Romanian air force, the order being completed in September 1939, and three He 112B-1s were acquired by the Hungarian air force in the spring of 1939. The He 112's engine was simply not powerful enough. The RLM did not give permission to replace the 20liter Jumo 210 with one of the new 30liter engines. She was never allowed to show her true potential. Trials with the DB 601 and especially with rocket engines demonstrated how well this model could have performed. This is how the He 112 remained, as the Spaniard Garcia Pardo had put it, "the Rolls-Royce among aircraft with the wrong engine". Source: Info: Aviastar Virtual Museum Profile: Wings Palette

Heinkel He 112
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