HMAS Norman HMAS Norman) in stormy seas in the Pentland Firth. "Norman" had the tail number G.49, belonged to a class of destroyers Built in Southampton, n. (United Kingdom). Founded 27.07.1939, launched 30.10.1940, a fleet of Australia 15.09.1941. The ship had an Australian crew and was a ship of the Royal Navy of Australia, but was in the possession and control of the Royal Navy. Key features: displacement — 1760 tons (standard), 2550 tons (full). Length of 108 meters, width is about 11 m, maximum draught of approximately 5 m power plant-boiler 3 turbines, power is 40 thous. HP maximum speed is 36 knots. The crew — 226 people. Armament, six 120-mm guns (4.7-inch QF Mk.XII) in three towers (two fore, one aft), two 101.6 mm (4-inch Mk V) at the second Stern Tower, one quad 40-mm anti-aircraft automatic Cannon, Pom-Pom (QF 2 pounder "Pom Pom 1.6 AA gun), four 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun Vickers (Vickers. 50), four 20-mm automatic anti-aircraft gun, Oerlikon 20 mm cannon (Oerlikon)three 7.7-mm anti-aircraft machine-gun Lewis (. 303 Levis), two double torpedo 533 mm caliber, the three devices reset depth bombs. After sea trials in September and early October 1941, took away from Iceland and delivered in Arhangal′sk and back the delegation of British Trade Union. In November-December 1941, patrolling the coastal waters of the UK (including escorts of the battleship Duke of York (HMS Duke of York)) in January 1942, was assigned to the Eastern fleet in the UK; as part of the escort for the convoy WS15 moved to the Indian Ocean, where until May served accompanied by convoys and warships. In May-June 1942, in the Mediterranean Sea, under escort of two convoys to Malta (operation "Vigorius"). From August 1942 to April 1944, in the Indian Ocean. In September 1942, participated in Madagascar. In April 1944, in the coastal waters of Australia. He participated in the operations at Leyte Gulf (1944), Burma (1945), Okinawa (1945). Decommissioned in October 1945, Australia.

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