HMS Eskimo

Shown here is the 'Tribal' class destroyer HMS Eskimo in the foreground with the 'Hunt' class escort destroyer HMS Wheatland's stern just visible clear of the bomb blast, convoy PQ18.

HMS Eskimo
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      HMS Eskimo's Commanding Officers

      Cdr. St. J.A. Micklethwait RN 9 December, 1938-14 November, 1940
      Cdr. E.G. Le Geyt RN 15 November, 1940-September 1942
      Lt. D.L. Binnington RN October,1942
      Capt. J.W. M. Eaton DSO DSC RN November,1942-August 1943
      Lt. J.E.Manners RN August,1943-31 January, 1944
      Lt-Cdr. E.N.Sinclair RN 1 December, 1944-December, 1945
      Cdr. C.P.F. Brown DSC RN December 1945-11 June, 1946
      Cdr. P.G.A. King DSC RD RNR 12 June, 1946-2 September,1946
      Cdr. A. Longmuir DSC RNR 3 September, 1946-4 November,1947
      Lt-Cdr. A. H Martin RN 5 November, 1947-14 April, 1948
    • Hobilar
      Builders: Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co. (Hull sub-contracted to Vickers-Armstrong, Hight Walker Yard, The Tyne)

      Engined by: Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co, Wallsend

      Ordered: June 1936

      Laid Down: 5th August 1936

      Launched: 3rd September 1937 (by Lady Best)

      Commissioned: 30th December 1938
    • Hobilar
      1,987 Tons Standard
      2,745 Tons Full Load

      Overall Length: 377 Feet

      Beam: 36 Feet 6 inches

      Draught: 13 Feet

      SHP: 44,450 (At Trials)

      Speed:36.2 Knots (At Trials)

      Eight 4.7 inch guns (4x2)
      Four 2-Pdr (1x4)
      Eight 0.5 inchn Machine Guns (2x4)
      Four 21 inch Torpedo Tubes (1x4)
      One Depth Charge chute
      Two dpth Charge Throwers

      Complement: 190

      Cost: £513,450
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