As Hugo Junkers laid the foundations of modern heating technology He was a brilliant designer and a passionate researcher. A visionary and a pioneer of aviation technology Division. His name stands for aircraft, heat and hot water - and since more than 75 years, a strong brand in the Bosch Group, on 3 February, 150 years ago Hugo Junkers was born in the Lower Rhine Rheydt. There, he grows as a son of a weaving mill owner in conjunction with six siblings in a middle-class, high school and studied mechanical engineering in 1878 does, and later electrical engineering in Berlin and Aachen. Visionary and thought leader, on 3 Hugo Junkers in February would have been 150 years old Junkers as 1889 in a former horse stable Dessauer together with a partner, an "experimental station for gas engines," founded, heating and aircraft were not an issue for the athletic young man should form only a minor detail from the talented engineer an industry pioneer. Because for the construction of gas engines had to know the specific calorific value of gas, then fluctuated considerably. So Junkers built an appropriate measuring instrument. This apparatus, called a calorimeter, measured the heat, the burning gas at a constant water flow volume gave, and pointed to a scale on the heating value of gas. Years ahead of his time at ninety Thus Junkers had invented the principle of the water heater at the same time - more or less random. Only years later, in 1894, he secured a patent on a gas water heater, which he had developed on the basis of his calorimeter. How far ahead Junkers had in mind, a brief passage shows from the patent: "The heat from the combustion of water can be obtained by condensation when the gases are released at low temperature. This allows a non-negligible gain in heat can be achieved. " Thus, the theoretical foundation of condensing technology was placed - almost 90 years, before the first devices that made this principle advantage brought the market in 1981. But first let's commercial breakthrough in coming: 1897 Junkers could sell just 184 of its then highly luxurious Gasbadeöfen. In order to provide space-saving devices and less expensive, can put it next to Standöfen already from 1896, also highlighted the world's first wall mounted units. Not without difficulties: the widespread fears that could only be on the gas line attached devices crashing fall from the wall, dispersed only after a vivid idea of ​​marketing the fledgling company. Images showed a wall oven, where a boy in a relaxed contemporary sailor suit with his legs dangling - the way this model was a nephew of Hugo Junkers. Sun pulled the sales to slow in 1910 were already more than 10,000 stoves sold a year later, 220 people have already celebrated the 100,000 th unit produced in Dessau. Hugo Junkers, but meanwhile, had discovered a new weakness: the world of standing still in its infancy aviation. Contact

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