Junkers Ju 90

The Junkers Ju 90 was a 40-seat, four-engine airliner developed for and used by Deutsche Luft Hansa shortly before World War II. It was based on the rejected Ju 89 bomber. During the war, the Luftwaffe impressed them as military transports. In April 1939, the RLM asked Junkers for a further development of the Ju 90 for military transport purposes. Some of the Ju 90s were converted into prototypes of the bigger Ju 290 transport and reconnaissance aircraft. The more powerful engines and other modifications to the Ju 90V5 and V7 were steps in this direction and the latter was converted into the Ju 290V3. The Ju 290V8 became the second prototype Ju 290V2. An uncompleted 11th A-series machine was turned into the Ju 290 V1. The Ju 90V6 airframe was used in the construction of the Junkers Ju 390 V1. In the end, only 18 Ju 90s of all versions were completed. Just two survived the war to fall into Allied hands, but both were scrapped soon afterwards. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Wings Palette

Junkers Ju 90
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