Kyushu K11W1 Shiragiku

The Kyushu K11W1 Shiragiku ('White Chrysanthemum') was a land-based bombing trainer aircraft which served in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in the latter years of World War II. It was designed to train crews in operating equipment for bombing, navigation, and communication, as well as navigation techniques. A total of 798 K11Ws were manufactured, including a small number of K11W2 ASW and transport aircraft alongside the K11W1 trainer variant. These aircraft were also used in kamikaze mission during the last stages of the Pacific War. The Kyushu K11W1 had a rather simple mid-wing layout. The crew consisted of a pilot and gunner/radio operator sitting in line under the canopy and the trainee bombardier, trainee navigator, and instructor in the lower fuselage beneath the wing. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Spafi

Kyushu K11W1 Shiragiku
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