INFORMATION FROM FLIGHT MANUAL FOR AMPHIBIAN AIRPLANE LA-8 Amphibian airplane LA-8 is designed for business and passenger transportation, patrolling, rendering medical aid in regions difficult of access, search and rescue, tourism and entertainment and for other operations, as well as for carrying out training flights over the earth and water surface in compliance with visual flight regulations. This airplane can take-off from and land on ground and water, paved or unpaved airfields meeting the requirements of the present Manual. In passenger option the number of seats is maximum eight, including the pilot. Airplane LA-8 is a cantilever monoplane with upper position of the wing, conventional single-fin empennage and tricycle landing gear system, including the nose landing gear. The airplane is fitted with two power plants - two aircraft engines M-337 AK made in Czech Republic - each rated at 210 h.p. The airplane is supposed to be used in all latitudes in Russia, in the countries of European Community, South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. GEOMETRIC PARAMETERS Length, m 11.10 Wing length, m * 14.0 / 15.0 The height of the parking lot, m 3.4 The maximum width of the fuselage, m 2.00 Wheel track, m 1,782 Wheelbase, m 3,432 Wing area, m * 20.2 / 22.1 DIMENSIONS OF PASSENGER (CARGO) CAR AND COVERS Length, m 3.45 Width, m 1.64 Height, m 1.24 Cabin volume cbm 3.7 Max. Length of cargo, m 4.43 Front upper hatch, mm 450 x 580 The rear top hatch, mm 1690 x 1290 Emergency (left, right), mm 680 x 680 PERFORMANCE DATA Max. take-off weight, kg 2720 Max. useful payload, kg 800 Max. fuel capacity, l 1500 Technical maximum altitude, m 4500 Max. allowable operating speed, km / h 305 Max. level flight speed, km / h 275 Cruising speed (economy), km / h 235 Range, at a speed of 235 km / h (at a commercial nagruzke800 lbs.), km / distillation 1200/4000 Time of flight at the speed of 235 km / h (in commercial nagruzke800 kg.) h 5.6 Rate of climb, m / sec 4-6 Takeoff land / water (at max. Weight), m 350/450 Landing speed (at max. Weight), km / h 98 Max. operating load, units +3,8-1,9 * Modification - distant sea

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