Mauser MK-213/20mm/30mm

From the book German guns of ww1 +ww2 Caliber: 30 mm Length: 1.630 mm Weight: 75 kg Rate of fire: 1,300 rounds per minute Muzzle velocity: 1,000 m/s Effective range: m Variants: 20 mm MG 213/20 30 mm MK 213/30 Other: Armaments Articles: History The 30 mm MK 213/30 (Maschinenkanone 213/30) was a machine cannon designed and produced by Mauser Werke AG in 1944 and 1945. At the same time the 20 mm MG 213/20 (Maschinengewehr 213/20) version was the designed. However neither variant became operational, but the French and British built their own copies of the gun. French version DEFA 540 and British version Aden 3M.

Mauser MK-213/20mm/30mm
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