Messerschmitt Me 209

In 1943 Willy Messerschmitt proposed a heavily-modified version of his extremely successful but ageing Bf 109. This Me 209 would compete against Focke-Wulf's high performance Fw 190D-9 and Ta 152 fighters. Like these enhanced versions of Kurt Tank's design, the new Me 209 would share most of its airframe with a proven model, in this case, the Bf 109G. The Me 209 featured a new tail section, broad-track landing gear, a taller tail, and a Junkers Ju 88-style annular radiator for the inline engine, which gave the engine a superficial resemblance to a radial engine. The program met a swift end when the Me 209 V5 prototype first flew in late 1944. It was 50 km/h (31 mph) slower than the already-available Fw 190D and offered no improvement in handling characteristics. After its disappointing show, the Me 209 project was cancelled and with it ended Messerschmitt's last attempt to build a high-performance piston-engine fighter. Source: Info: Wikipedia Profile: Wings Palette

Messerschmitt Me 209
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