the Ta 154 may have achieved operational status with the Luftwaffe albeit in very small numbers. Production tempo had not even achieved a modest rate before the factories in the Posen area - Messegelaende and Kreising - intended as the primary production source were destroyed by fire during April and May 1944 after the completion of only a few series aircraft. First sortie with NJG 3 was flown on 19 November 1944 by Fw. Gottfried Schneider. One NJG 3 Ta 154 (D5+AD) that had made a crash-landing on 30 April 1945 was examined and photographed by Allied Intelligence. No Ta 154s were evalauted post-war. If the Ta 154 did not fully meet expectations, it was as Hans Sander later recalled; " easy to fly, handled well and was extremely agile for a twin-engined aircraft.."
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