The Japanese Navy also showed interest in 30 mm cannon. The Type 2 was a scaled-up Oerlikon gun, sometimes erroneously described as a copy of the MK 108. It never became a standard service weapon, although it was tested on a number of aircraft and formally adopted. A better alternative was available, the Type 5, an entirely original design. Though fairly heavy, this was a powerful weapon with a good performance. If the war had laster longer, it would have become the standard weapon, fitted in fighters such as the Kyushu J7W Shiden. But it saw service in only a few aircraft, being wing-mounted in the Mitsubishi J2M5 and installed in upward-firing installations on some nightfighters, such as the P1Y2-S. Maker Caliber Weight Length Navy Toyokawa factory Nippon Tokusyukou 30mm 70kg 2.192m Muzzle velocity Rare of fire Feeding Carrying ammunition 750m/s 350 rounds/min belt - Installed plan "Raiden","Suisei","Saun","Gekkou","Kyokko" "Shinden","Syuusui","Reppuu","Tenrai","Denkou" Note belt, double drum magazines,barrel

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